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Are ReCircles machine washable?

ReCircles can be washed in any conventional washing machine, and also conveniently so if stored in their pouch as well.

Are ReCircles good for the environment?

ReCircles are great for the environment since they are made using recycled material and can be used countless times in their lifetime.

Can I actually save money by using ReCircles?

The average household spends $350 on paper towels per year, so by purchasing 5 sets of ReCircles, you will save approximately $200 the first year, and $350 every year afterwards.

Why am I unable to make a purchase on this site?

We are currently looking for a licensing partner to carry our product line. If you are interested in carrying and distributing ReCircles, please let us know!

How much will ReCircles cost?

The final price will be determined by marketplace demand and availability.

What styles of ReCircles will be available?

ReCircles will be available in multiple colors and fabric types depending on end use case, such as kitchen, bathroom, workshop, classroom, etc.